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Emerald Rain Tattoos is able to bring your vision to life in striking detail and amazing accuracy. The stunning pieces of skin art we produce are the best bodies of evidence that we are masters of our craft.

Laser Tattoo removal @Emarald Rain Tattoos. This was 4 sessions and needs 1 more.

Mark Buckingham is the Tattoo Artist at Emerald Rain Tattoos in Greenside Johannesburg. He started tattooing in 1995 when he practised the stick tattoo method like done in Japan. He later evolved in the machine tattoo method & has been working in that medium ever since.

Mark comes from a background of art – he matriculated at the School of Art, Ballet and Music and furthered his studies in the field of advertising as a Graphic Artist. He worked as an Art Director and Production Designer on the international film circuit and directed adverts and music videos for approximately 12 years. Mark Buckingham has done numerous storyboards & illustrations for various movies & television commercials and has a keen hand in drawing.

Throughout the years he kept in touch with the tattoo industry by tattooing friends and customers that crossed his path.

In  2010 he became a full-time Tattoo Artist. He found the perfect venue on the vibey Gleneagles strip in Greenside, Johannesburg and opened the Emerald Rain Tattoo Shop. Mark is a talented and versatile Joburg Tattooist and understands  every approach to tattoo art – tribal tattoos; portrait tattoos; old school tattoos; new school tattoos; custom designed tattoos - Mark Buckingham does it all! Custom Designed Tattoos at your fingertips.

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Tattoo Removal

Do you have a tattoo you can't stand to look at anymore?

Looking for a cover-up and want more options?
Laser tattoo removal could be the answer you are looking for!

Using our brand new technique for laser tattoo removal using the Q-switched laser, we have enhanced current techniques resulting in:

- less pain
- less post treatment swelling
- less potential for infection
- less erythema (reddening of the skin)
- no surface skin damage
- FASTER healing times

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Laster Tattoo removal. This was 4 sessions and needs 1 more.